Tattoos Like Mine
My tattoo

Rectangle on inside of left wrist

I came up with this just because it was cool looking. It doesn't have a meaning, doesn't represent the golden mean, and isn't in any size or proportion chosen for any reason other than aesthetic appeal (though in hindsight an A9 would have worked pretty nicely). I've had it for two and a half years and like it as much as I did the day I got it.

Ones I found sort of like mine

I know I can't have been the first (or last) person to come up with this design, but I haven't seen it on anyone else. Some other minimalist-style shapes, like stars and stuff, are pretty popular, so it's cool to have something a little less trendy. Flickr doesn't turn up anything searching for "rectangle tattoo," but I did get a few hits from "square tattoo."

Small square on right upper arm

The person with this "just wanted something small to mark the end of [their] academic days." It is small.

Red, green, and blue squares inside left forearm

I don't know what the "album covers" thing is about.

Square inside left calf

This is probably the most similar to mine in terms of visual effect. The person says it's just a mock-up in pen, but that they did get it for real, so I'm not sure if the finished version is exactly like this.

Another awesome tattoo

In the course of my search I also came across one of those things that makes you go "why didn't I think of that."

Ruler inside right thumb and index finger

It measures inches, but he talks in the comments about getting centimeters on his left. If you find yourself needing to make lots of quick, not extremely precise length measurements (like if you work with fabric or as a casting director in porn), I can see it being pretty handy (sorry). And it evokes the history of units of measurement supposedly being based on various aspects of human anatomy, which also reminds one of how so many truths in our world are just conventions passed down through and warped by history.

I would have preferred it on my left hand, leaving my dominant hand free to take notes, mark distances, or what have you.

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